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LAT’s housing is located within a close proximity to the club. Our boarding has full-time housing employees that are responsible for the boarding players outside of training hours. Each day, our team provides transportation for players boarding at the academy to and from practice to ensure the players have enough time to eat, rest and complete school work during their time between sessions.

The amenities in our furnished apartments include cable, high-speed internet, all kitchen and laundry appliances. We provide all of the comforts a player would require, as well as a few extra amenities.

The Academy provides continental-style breakfast daily including main staple items such as; milk, orange juice, eggs, bread, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, almond butter, etc. Lunch and dinner are hot cooked meals, provided by an in-academy cook.

We encourage all players to buy their own snacks such as bars, nuts, deli meat, frozen fruit for smoothies, protein shakes and specific items to supplement their diet. They are playing at such a high level tennis and spend so many hours on court, this is necessary to stay energized and not crash between the LAT provided meals. 

Located in the heart of South Florida, the apartments provide easy access to shopping, entertainment, and dining locations. During the weekends, boarding players participate in local tournaments, beach outings, movies or any organized activities/events depending on the seasonal activities that occur in the area.